Interesting Roadside places I have photographed

Over the years, I have photographed many diners. But also, being a member of the Society for Commercial Archeology since 1981, I have been moved to document other roadside places that were interesting. These included what is generally known as “Programatic Architecture”, basically buildings in the shape of what they sell or in the shape of other things such as “ships” and “boats”. Anyway, here are a few images of places that I had included in a power point slide show I did a couple of years ago I called “Local Roadside Memories”.

The Clam Box

Route 1A in Ipswich, Mass.

 Bayrd’s Indian Trading Post

Located on Route 129 in Wakefield, Mass., photo circa 1980’s
(now demolished)

The Ship Restaurant 

U.S. Route 1, Lynnfield, Mass.

 Sailor Tom’s House

Franklin Street, Reading, Mass. (Demolished 2007)

Sailor Tom’s house was part of a unique roadside restaurant that was a destination from the 1940’s through the 1950’s. The restaurant closed by the 1960’s and the house was the only structure that remained to remind anyone of what had been there. A new housing development is now being built there.

 The Big Duck

Riverhead, Long Island

The Big Duck was built by a local farmer to sell duck eggs in the 1930’s. It is currently in it’s third location and is a local landmark, used to sell souvenirs.

 The Milk Bottle

Route 138 in Raynham, Mass.

 Frates Dairy (another Milk Bottle shaped building)

Achushnet Avenue, New Bedford, Mass.

 Gallon Measure Gas Station

Route 9A, Albany Post Road, Buchanan, NY

 Salvador’s Ice Cream (Milk Can)

460 Smith Neck Road, South Dartmouth, Mass., photo circa 1980’s.

 Nipper (on building)

Broadway, Albany, NY. Just down the street
from the Miss Albany Diner

Prince Pizzeria and Restaurant 

U.S. Route 1, Saugus, Mass.

Originally part of a small chain of resaturants opened by the Prince Spaghetti Company, operated as the Prince Spaghetti Houses. The chain broke up by the early 60’s and this unit was taken over by an employee who through hard work and perserverance made it a huge success. The restaurant has been enlarged over the years.

 The Leaning Tower

Route 3A, Quincy, Mass. photo circa 1980’s (since demolished)
This was also part of the Prince Spaghetti House chain.
Notice the small section of building to the left, this is the first
Dunkin’ Donuts store.

Mister Donut 

Route 53 in South Weymouth, Mass., photo circa 1992

 Mister Donut

Route 3A, Weymouth, Mass., photo circa 1992
I shot both this one and the one above just prior to the chain being absorbed totally by Dunkin’ Donuts.

 Gary’s Remember When Drive-in Restaurant

Marlboro Street, Keene, NH, photo circa 1995
Since converted to auto dealership.