Neon Signs that I have photographed, old & new shots

Every so often I have photographed neon signs, mostly because either they have survived or I feel like the next time I drive by, they will be gone. Recently I have been more aware because of my newly found passion for checking out other people’s photos on flickr (shout out to Jeff at Vintage Roadside and others). So today I thought I would post some of my own recent shots as well as some from years past.

Here is one that I have been looking at since I was a kid, the reason is obvious why it is in such good shape,
it belongs to Batten Brothers Sign Company located on Main Street in Wakefield, Mass.

This was taken on Memorial Day Weekend, 2008

This was what was left of the old roadside sign/marquee for the old E.M. Loews Pinehust Drive-in Theater in Billerica, Mass. taken in the 1980’s before it disappeared.

Another sign shot in the 1980’s before it too disappeared was the old OK Used Car sign at the former Porter Chevrolet car dealership in the Fresh Pond area of Cambridge, Mass. The place is currently doing business as Cambridge Honda.

Another one still in Cambridge is the old Shell Oil sign

Here is one that is about a mile from my home in Saugus, Mass located on U.S. Route 1
The famous Hilltop Steak House cactus

I just took this last shot below this past weekend of a sign that still exists but I don’t believe is actually ever turned on anymore, the Roberts Cleaners sign located on Summer Street in Lynn, Mass.