Preservation Effort underway for New Jersey’s Forum Diner

Photo by Michael Perlman

Michael Perlman sent along a press release regarding his new battle to save the Forum Diner of Paramus, NJ.
After his successful attempts of helping to save both the Cheyenne Diner and Moodance Diner (both formerly of NYC), Mike has set his sites on saving a much newer diner (and larger too).


Committee To Save The Forum Diner

For Immediate Release


Michael Perlman, Founder & Chair 

(917) 446-7775



Effort to Spare “Endangered Species” from Oblivion!


     PARAMUS, NJ, May 28, 2008 – Tri-state area patrons, preservationists, & community groups are disheartened that the classic Forum Diner (211 East State Route 4, Paramus, NJ) shuttered in 2007, and is now for sale via transport. A Jeep 17 car dealership is slated to rise on premise, marking the end of the diner’s 40-year run, but a movement is underway which may grant the Forum Diner a new lease on life.

The Forum Diner has been a landmark in Paramus, NJ since its opening in the 1960’s. It was prefabricated by the Yannitsadis Brothers, and transported on site. The exterior is Mediterranean style with chrome, stone, & decorative ornament. The interior is elegant featuring fine Greek wooden columns & moldings, coffered wooden-paneled walls, ornamentation, recessed areas for chandeliers, etched mirrors with regal logos, wave-patterned terrazzo, stone, original fine wood booths. It closed in spring 2007, marking the end of an era. Unfortunately, it was recently vandalized, but most architectural elements are intact, and the damage is reversible.

Preservationist Michael Perlman of Forest Hills, NY, spared NYC’s historic Moondance & Cheyenne Diners via transport, and now the Forum Diner can be yours at a nominal price, thanks to an agreement with property owner Kevin Ormes, Pres. Of Jeep 17. The diner must be transported from the property ASAP, to spare it from demolition. Buyers are responsible for all rigging costs.

Please contact Michael Perlman at for specifics. Perlman explains: “Diners are amongst the ‘ultimate public institutions’ which harbor countless memories and bridge the generations. During the 30’s – 60’s eras, freestanding diners numerously dotted the tri-state area, and brought together individuals of various occupations in a cozy & striking ambiance.

Today, they are becoming an endangered species at an alarming rate, and their loss is often most heartfelt. It is essential to preserve & reuse all remaining classic freestanding diners. Despite time constraints, we are committed to doing all we can for a noble cause.” The Committee’s consensus is that “A steady market for such nostalgic gems, coupled by the fact that they were manufactured to move; can ensure a victory for the Forum Diner.”

Forum Diner Aug 2007 & May 2008 photos, Courtesy of Preservationist Michael Perlman: (Please click & enlarge each photo for description).