Drive-In Restaurants from years past

this image was scanned from a copy of North Shore Magazine

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, there were quite a few Drive-in restaurants featuring car hop / curb service in the Greater Boston area, but these were short lived due to the short season of warm weather. One of the most famous was Adventure Car Hop on U.S. Route 1 in Saugus, Mass. It became famous due to the fact that they advertised on one of the most popular AM radio shows in the Boston market. The show was hosted by legendary DJ Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg on WMEX, 1510 on the AM dial. These ad spots were immortalized on one of a series of oldies record albums that were put out in the 1970’s. The audio clips from Woo Woo’s shows with the Adventure Car Hop commercial was included on the Cruisin 1961 album.

I have more recently found out that there was more than one Adventure Car Hop and I am not sure if it was a chain or franchise concept. Another opened in Natick, Mass. on State Route 9 near the old Sherwood Plaza Shopping Center. This one operated for a few years before being renamed Galaxy Car Hop. Here is a newspaper ad anouncing the opening of this location (from

Here is a so-so image from showing it as the Galaxy Car Hop a few years later

I also found a reference to one on U.S. Route 22 in Union, NJ (from

This image may have ultimately come from a source that had something to do with the design firm that designed these Car Hops because there was another one in Everett, Mass. called the Lasso Car Hop, and as you can see, this image is similar to the above one

I wish I knew more about these places and their connection to each other, but they are long gone except for the memories people have of them.

As the 1960’s progressed, fast food places that started to usurp the clientele that these Car Hops depended on such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Burger Chef and Carrol’s Hamburgers came more into vogue. Here is a photo from 1967 showing the Stoneham, Mass. location of Carrol’s Hamburgers.

I got this photo thru the Stoneham Historical Society. I photoshopped a telephone
pole out of the shot.

The Carrol’s chain was started by Leo Moranz of Tastee-Freez out of the mid-west (his daughter’s name was Carrol) but really took off under the stewardship of Herb Slotnick from upstate New York who’s family had a chain of movie theaters. Slotnick became the largest francise owner of Carrol’s encompassing New York state and New England. He eventually bought out the chain from Tastee-Freez and was doing a decent job competing with McDonald’s and Burger King for a small chain. In the mid-70’s the Carrol’s Corp. made a major decision, basically they decided that they had brought the concept as far as it would go and instead switched teams to become the largest Burger King franchiser in the country. They converted some of the Carrol’s locations to Burger King and phased out the other locations.

Other drive-ins I remember were the chain of Richard’s Drive-Ins. This was the first foray into food service by General Cinema Corporation. The company famous for their Drive-In theaters as well as “hardtop” theaters eventually ran a chain of 10-pin Bowling alleys called Holiday Lanes which also featured Amy Joy Pancake Houses (as the food concession). Here is a color photo from my collection of the Wellington Circle location (Medford, Mass.) of Richard’s, shot circa 1964 by the late Medford photographer, Charlie Phillips.

and another shot b&w (annonymous) from my collection of the same place that
I had in the collection…….

Here are some bonus images, cleaned up versions of both (inside and outside views) of an Adventure Car Hop menu as well as a Richard’s Drive-In menu…

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  1. Hi Larry
    I just learned something tonight from your blog on Carrol’s Hamburgers Drive in. I had been told that there was a carrol’s hamburger drive in in south attleboro, ma. but never knew that it was a chain. Great article. Keep up the good work Larry.

    Take care….Arthur

    • Arthur,

      I worked at Carrols Hamburgers from 1965 until 1968. As a kid, I was able to get a job at 15 1/2 years old and was a manager of the place at 17.

      The Carrols in South Attleboro was owned by the same guy who owned the Carrols in Newport RI. His name was Louis Bilow. Mr. Bilow also owned a catering business called Coffe Ann Catering. It consisted mainly of a fleet of lunch trucks that would frequent businesses and contruction sites etc. offering sandwiches, candy, snack/desserts etc. It was one of the first lunch wagons of the time.
      The Carrols in South Attleboro was leveled and, I think, is now the site of a Burger King. I’m not sure whether the Burger King is on the same exact lot. My point of reference used to be the junk yard next door called Goldbugs. Since that is gone and I haven’t been there in years, I may be off on the exact location. But one thing for sure, spending 3 years working there and growing up in responsiblty while doing so helped me a lot. We had a lot of fun working there. Lots of stories that I won’t bore you with…not to mention the manager I worked for. Hope this is helpful. Cheers. Rick

      • Hi Rick:
        I grew up in Attleboro back in the 60’s. I left to go to Vietnam and never made it back home. I am now employed by the Defense Dept out here at the Utah Test and Training Range and Hill AFB.. It was nice to read about one of my favorite eating places…Carrol’s. I love to visit poeple from back home so if you get a moment drop me a line and say hi. ~AL

      • The Carrols in South Attleboro became a Ponderosa, it recently closed after 37 years. Goldbugs junkyard became a Burger King and all their lights inside were made from old hubcaps left over from the junkyard, they also had an engine out front that held up their mailbox for a lot of years, they have put up new lights and removed the engine. I have lived in that area since I was born, feel free to email me. It was nice going back in time, I spent most of my nights sitting in the back of the lot with my old GTO.

      • Norm:
        I was in Business Law and Economics with you at AHS. I think we were about the only guys in there. Lots of pretty girls though. I’m out in the Utah Desert working for the Defense Deprtment now. How’s things going?

      • Originally from N. Attleboro my self. I’ve heard the stories. Guess Pawtucket and S. Attleboro were in some what of a rivalry and someone got bashed with a bat, as I recall hearing, during a gang brawl at Carrol’s. Shortly after it closed up.

  2. Arthur, I have seen a reference to a Carrol’s in South Attleboro as well. Other towns in Massachusetts that had them were Bedford, Billerica, New Bedford, Weymouth, Andover, Fitchburg, Leominster and Williamstown. There may have been more.

  3. Susan Wells owned Cruisin’ 1960 and 1961 on vinyl, and we bought the CD re-issues which unfortunately did not have all the original tracks (“Beep Beep” did not make the cut- GRRR!!!) But we were very aware of that Adventure Car Hop commercial. In fact, we were driving I-95 and saw a sign for “Saugus” and Susan thought of it!

    Your 1967 Carrol’s photo is from after the price of a hamburger went above 15 cents.They redid the top block of the sign, which originally had that price, to say “Home of the Club Burger.”

    And the promotional tie-ins between drive-ins and radio stations reaching the youth market were common. The Carrol’s school book cover I gave you has some personalities from Albany’s WPTR (1540 AM) from close to the time of Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg.

  4. Yes Glenn, you are right about the radio station tie-ins. That particular Carrol’s (Stoneham, Mass.)being one of the earliest stands in the area in fact did have the 15 cents sign at the top in the beginning. The stand was enlarged and updated to the final building style in the early 70’s when I started frequenting it.

    That Carrol’s also was known for having a racing club as I recall. The guys who belonged to it used to cruise Carrol’s with their cars. I don’t know where they raced. I hope to meet someone someday who actually belonged to this club and maybe they can enlighten me as to the specifics.

    By the way, that Carrol’s was never converted to a Burger King because there was already one across the street. It became a Papa Gino’s, which it still is today.

    • The club you mentioned was “Carrols Dragracers Club” of Stoneham Mass. They were maybe 10 or 15 guys who all lived locally some of the guys still have cars and are still friends. I was a few years younger but was lucky enough to get to meet some of the club members and still see them now, there is talk of trying to make the club active again. They were all good guys, some with amazing talents with respect to classic cars.

    • I use to belong to the car club there…we use to race on Rte. 128… Revere Beach Parkway…those were the days….we had a lot of fun…we use to also rent the dragway in Epping, NH on a Saturday for the day

      • Hey Steve! I was one of your buddies @ Carrol’s…don’t forget “Lynnfells Parkway, we used to race there too…who remembers Kelly’s, in Woburn, Burger Chef in Salem or Princess Hamburgers on Rte. 1 in Danvers…lots of memories.

      • Hey Steve.

        It was also common for the Carrol’s car guys to race northbound on Rte 93, gathering at the now-closed rest area at Spot Pond, waiting for the traffic to clear, and launching from a rolling start.

        Lots of of 383 Road Runners, and at least one 1960 silver blue Corvette.

        Paul I.

      • Hi Steve.
        It may have been before your time, in the 1966-68 period. I knew the Mouradian brothers, Peter Coronis, some of the guys from Reading. By 1969 my interest had turned to Harleys.

        Raced my Corvette only twice, back when a 13-second timeslip was considered FAST. Really miss the convertible and sidepipes. Still have the hobby though, with a black-plate 1968 Camaro SS/RS, 87′ Grand National, 84′ RX7, another builder in process.

        I believe we do return to complete the circle.

        Paul I.

      • Hi Paul….i still have a little contact with the bros…did some crazy stuff with caronis…they just had a 60th for jimmy m…he has film of us at epping….trying to get a hold of that….i had a 67 camaro sm block and a 69 dart 340…68 corvette…72 chevelle….a little of everything…lol…would love to own another….came close last yr but held off….i live in michigan now and muscle cars are a BIG thing….we have a show coming up in 3 weeks and they get around 4 to 5 thousand cars here for a week…your cars sound great and i envy you..good luck with the new one….stev j

      • I have a yellow 55 with a Carrols Dragracers clun sticker on the back window, flip nose, has a 454 in it now, turbo 400, olds 9.3 with 4.88’s. Anyone know the car?

  5. Well just to let you guys know Adventure Burger wasn’t a chain. It was started by my grandfather Nicholas Sfugaras and his 2 brothers. My grandfather owned and operated the one in Union, NJ on route 22 and his brothers operated the ones in MA. I don’t know much more about them. My grandfather passed away when my mom was only a teenager. But we still have a few of the menus and little things from Adventure Burger which are some nice reminders of what it was like back then. Well i hope this information helps 🙂

    Have a Great day!

    • I could not believe I found this link tonight !! I remember as a small child,4-6 years old,stopping at Adventure in Saugus,with my folks coming home from my grandmother’s home in Bridgewater,Ma. what wonderful memories they were. I could not for the life of me remember exactly where it was ! Now I know ! I remember that had to be the first time I ever had french fries,and they were wonderful ! Thanks for the memories !!

      • John it was located where carusso s used to be, next to the continental restaurant. there s a warehouse there now.
        (Actually you are right about the warehouse but Caruso’s was to the right of that building where the new shopping center is now)-LAC.

    • I remember the racing on Rt. 22 at the Adventure Car Hop – hanging out and having a burger , watching all the hot cars and oh yeh the girls too , very well . I lived in Elizabeth at the time – across from Whites Sunoco , on north Ave. – one of my favorite hang outs , watching Herb making all those cars so fast. I also hung out at Walts car hop on St. Georges Ave. and the White Castle on Westfield Ave. and Elmora Ave. another hot car spot , on the way back from cruising Broad St. in Elizabeth. Those were really the good old days and nights ! I had a ’57 Chevy back then ( 1966 – 1968 ) and I have another ’57 custom now . Do you have any pics of the Adventurer and menu that you could email me , I would really appreciate it . How cool is it to have your Grandfather , that started a famous car hop , in the old days !

      • Good memories, my friend ! We gravitated to all the same places ! We also frequented Rutt`s Hutt in Clifton, and raced on Route 21 in Newark, right in front of The Dreamboat Lounge night club, also down on Avenue P in Port Newark, as well as on Route 1 & 9, in front of the Budweiser factory. I had a `55 Chevy with a 396/425 HP `Vette motor, Super T-10 trans, and a 4.11 12-bolt Posi out back. I STILL remember the smell of Sunoco 260 ! 🙂 Boy do I miss those days !

  6. For Kim Kornecki -I would love any info on The Adventure on Rt. 22 in union that may be available. pics, menus, advertising ect. Thanks Bill G. I spent my High School days in that car hop and cant find any info on it.

  7. Regarding the Adventure Car Hop on Rt. 22 in Union N.J. there was another one just down the road on R.t 22 called The Garden of Eatin. We ( those of us that had cars ) ran from the Adventure west to the Garden then used the turn around and ran east back to The adventure, the winner ate for free or sometimes big money was bet. These Car Hops were on what was a center island with many other business and Rt.22 ran west on one side and east towards Newark on the other. Would love to hear from Kim Kornecki about her Grand fathers “Adventure”. Thanks BIll GEE

    • I use to go to the Adventure Car Hop in !957-1958, The name of the carhop west of it was The BIG TOP, I use to date the CarHop DOLLY
      I’m sure you will remember her
      Harry Wells
      harrywells 88 @
      My email address above has no spaces, Just send it that way so it’s not blocked

    • The Garden of called in for your food on a phone. I had an uncle who never stopped talking about how expensive it was cause of the phone. Commuting to and from Pennsylvania meant we were going by lots of great roadside food places. I remember another place had winter scenes on their cups for shakes.

    • As a drive-in the Springfield, NJ location was the Big Top Car Hop. It had life size stuffed animals in cages, roller skating car hops and incredible real charbroil burgers and dogs. My uncle, Marvin Geller, and his uncle, Harry Rosenthal, were the operating partners. My father Israel Geller was a silent partner. There was a fire and Marvin reopened it as a quasi-gourmet eatery “The Garden of Eatin” (His dream) It failed quickly.

      • I posted in Jan 2010 that I belonged to the Metuchen Roadmasters car club and used to frequent the Adventure Car Hop after club meetings. It was very exiting with all the racing going on. Went up one night with a club member who had a new ’62 340 hp Vette. Was a very fast car for the day. He would everything in site. Was interested to see if any of your followers ever heard of that club.

      • Yes, I recall meeting a few folks from Metuchen, either at The Adventure, or over at Walt`s Drive-In on St. George Ave. in Linden….that was a very cool place, too. Another hot spot for racing was Rt. 21 in Newark, right in front of the Dreamboat Lounge, where everybody would race Northbound under the Rt. 78 overpass….those were the days !

  8. Hey Bill, thanks for checking out Diner Hotline! I am very familiar with Route 22 thru the Springfield/Union, NJ area. It is a very dangerous road to travel, especially trying to get in or out of any of the businesses that are on each side of the road. No one will give you a break if you are trying to get onto the highway from one of the businesses. I stayed at the Colonial Motel in Springfield one weekend in 1987.

  9. Hi All,
    We spent a lot of time at the Adventure Car Hop on Rt. 22 in Union, NJ from 1956 – 1959. Kim if you could post some of your menus etc I can assure you it would be appreciated but a great number of folks. As already mentioned there were many drag races from the Adventure west bound to the Big Top Car Hop about 3/4 of a mile away. The 1/4 mile was marked by a white line across the highway and it was not uncommon for traffic to be stopped while a race was flagged off…. When a couple of drag strips were opened in the early 60’s most of the racing moved there.
    As for me and my wife we are still cruzin our custom candy apple red 51 Merc… too bad the Adventure is long gone..

  10. The Adventure Car Hop Rt. 22….Home of street drag racing legends and big money runs. Mr. Clean, the Prospector, Biscayne Bob, MacKenzies Raider, Stu Rogers, Billy Isokowsky, Jack Everett and many more. The fastest cars in the Jersey area gathered here. I can still hear the Four Tops on the jukebox singing “Can’t help Myself”…..It was the place to be and be seen……no posers allowed!

  11. The Lasso in Everett changed its name to Big Burger as I remember it. The building is still there on the corner of Everett Ave and the Revere Beach Parkway.

    Thank you for posting the photos of Richard’s in Medford. I can still say that their chocolate frappes were the best ever – at 35 cents!

  12. What a great write up with fantastic photos!

    I had no idea that Carol’s was started by the same person who started Tastee Freeze. (One of my favorite ice cream places)

    Regarding Richard’s Drive In, they had locations in the midwest. If anyone can shed light on exactly where, specifically around the Chicago area, I’d lvoe to know.

    • Richard’s Drive-In Restaurant was located at the corner of the Revere Beach Parkway and the Fellsway where Starbucks and Walgreens are now located. The Richard’s building was torn down circa 1970.

      • Sorry I believe it was located at the rotary of Rte1 and Broadway, approximately where Weylus (closed now) restaurant now stands.

    • The Adventure Car Hop was located on Rte. 1 north between where the Continental Restaurant and the Saugus Animal Hospital are currently located.

  13. Thank you so much for giving back the most precious memories we all shared back in the 50’s & 60’s. We were so fortuate to experience the fun and pride we took in our cars. It was a wonderful time to grow up, life was so simple, it was a series of 3 things, music, cars, and drive-ins. Thank you again for sharing and for making me smile..

  14. Who can forget the “Ginsbuger” @ Adventure Car Hop in Saugus, MA. I used to listen to Woo-Woo Ginsburg on WMEX. When he did the commercial for Adventure Car Hop. “This is Arnie Woo-Woo Ginsburg for Adventure Car Hop, when you go there mention Arnie Woo-Woo Ginsburg and get a Ginsburger, (horn, bells,& I think a whistle). Just a few months back going through some old things found my motorola transistor radio. Great time & memories!

  15. oh, ya, Mister Donuts!….where the young men were checking out the fastest cars and at the same time, checking out the available girls as they walked by….1964

  16. Hello:

    Can someome please give me information on an Yevetts(spelling?) Drive-in restaurant which use to be located on Ashley Blvd in New Bedford, Massachusetts during the 60s/70s. I’d appreciate it.
    Looking forward to your comments****JC

      • Yvette’s Drive-In had car hop service until they built the soft serve addition in the early 70’s. Yvette’s was known for their great sandwiches (chicken clubs were the best I have ever had) homemade onion rings, fresh never frozen burgers and fresh fried seafood…fried in lard..yummy. It was a great place!

    • Yvette’s was in business and run by the original family until 1998. It was purchased by the Slade’s Ferry Bank which tore the building down and built a branch of their Somerset,Mass bank. It is now a branch of Rockland Trust Bank.

    • I remember Yvette’s well (fried food and soft-serve ice cream), right near the intersection of Ashley Blvd. and Tarkiln Hill Road in New Bedford. At least two of my sisters waitressed there in the late 1980s.

  17. In ’62 I belonged to a car club in Metuchen, NJ called “The Metuchen Roadmasters”. We would go up to the Adventure Car Hop after our Sunday night meetings to eat and race.
    I had a green ’55 stick Olds with a ’57 engine. I remember losing a race one night against another ’55 Olds. I spun a bearing and lost power amongst other things. This is the first site I’ve found that makes reference to that car hop. Keep up the good work and don’t let those old diners and car hops fade from our memories.

    • Many nights spent racing at the Adventure Car Hop on Rte. 22. We would go in going east get some food, and then pool some guys to get up a race. We would pull out of the Adverture going west racing 3 and 4 cars wide. We had a 54 nail head Buick/stick/duels/california speed shop’isky cam/duel point ing/chemicals .. in the gas tank. The last race I remember there was a 4 car race and we were ahead, and all of a sudden we got passed by an ugly 49/50 chevy green I think. We all pulled over paid our 50 bucks and drove off into the future-we drove the police nuts I figure. I still have my haulin gents club plaque (Asbury Park). No street racing with those guys. Just nice street rides and car shows-STOCK CARS /RACEWAYPARK.

      • Tim,
        Do you remember the only place you could go to Drag Race legally was at an Airport in West Hampton Long Island. It was a 2 or 3 hour trip, each way

  18. My mom worked at the Adventure car hop on Rt. 9 in Natick, MA from 1953-1955. I remember her white boots with red tassles – at age 4 I thought they were amazing! She worked hard but always said she had fun. Thanks for the bit of nostalgia -she would have gotten a big kick out of this.

  19. I worked at Del’s Drive -In as a car hop back in New Bedford, Massachusetts when I was in high school, also worked at Mt. Pleasant Drive-in in the 60s. Any photos?
    I now live in Florida, but enjoyed the memories in your site.
    Maria Gulla

    • Del’s closed in the early 80’s. I still have a few miniature A&W root beer mugs from visits there as a kid. The building was torn down, and there’s a car wash on the site today.

  20. Enjoyed the recollections of Adventure on Rte 22 in Union.
    I was too small to hang out there, but I would hear the bigger guys from my neighborhood talk about the racing there.
    This sort of validates my memories.

  21. Hi Harry. I used to go out with Jerry, Dolly’s sister. I am married and live in Phoenix Ahwatukee section, but still keep in touch with Jerry. Saw your entry on the Carhop site. Is that funny or what that I just happened on the site? I have some very fond memories of those Carhop days.

  22. Does anyone remember the name of a hamburger drive through at Fresh Pond Circle in Cambridge, Mass near the drive in theater?

    • I think you mean the “Big Burger Ranch” it was across the street from where the “Summer Shack” Restaurant is now. The high-rise apartment buildings are in that location now.

      I have a question, can anyone tell me when Carrol’s Hamburgers open in Stoneham. I say it wasn’t until 1960 or later and my friend claims it was in the 50’s which is it?

      • Rodney, you are right, that Big Burger Ranch Drive-In was at the corner of Rindge Ave. but the opposite corner than you describe. It was where the empty lot is now. The high-rise apartments are across Rindge Ave. from the site of Big Burger Ranch. Carrol’s may have been there in Stoneham as early as 1960 but I want to say it may have been slightly later. I don’t believe it was there in the 1950’s as the chain did not get started until 1960.

  23. Does anyone remember a car hop across the Western Ave bridge in Cambridge, MA. Or is it a confused memory from a kid born in 1951.
    My sister used to put me in the back seat, keep my busy with hamburgers and shakes, while she and the other girls checked out the guys! I can’t believe my Father would have allowed my her to drive all the way to Wellington Circle……..of course what you don’t know…can’t hurt you

  24. Does anyone remember “The Big Joy” in S. Attleboro, Ma? It was around in the 50’s and early 60’s? It had been named “The Big Boy” originally, but had to change it after the “Big Boy” chain restaurant threatened to sue. The owners of the “Big Joy” were not familiar with the bigger chain, but changed to avoid a lawsuit.

  25. Any recall or pictures of a Hubie’s Hamburgers of the late 1950s- early 1960s? I thought it was a chain in its day. The one location I was familiar with was on the Saw Mill River Parkway, north of NYC, at approx. the Dobbs Ferry- Hastings line, in an area known as “Chauncey.” And then it was boarded up and the building decayed for years.
    Thanks, guys.

  26. I remember the one in Wellington circle in Medford, my dad used to take me there. I thought it was Adventure, but it must have been Richards, I was younger than so I’m not sure. I am compiling some memories like these for a book I am writing for my kids about what it was like when I was growing up. I was raised in Charlestown, but I do remember some things that were around not exclusive to just Charlestown, but I am alwasys looking for more, any suggestions or sources of information that might be helpful would be appreciated, thanks

    • I worked at Hubie’s 1964-6. Master of the French Fries, made from scratch from 100LB sack. Also had Carvel, I cleaned machines. Owned by Zorn. He and I would clean the outside. He hosed, I scrubbed. Other location Rocky Point. Possibly Zorn’s Poultry too.

      • I asked about Hubie’s on this site back in July, 2010. Great to still hear from Hubie’s fans. They were a special treat back in their day. Thanks for posting. Rick

  27. Hi, I remember Carrol’s Restaurants from the 1970’s. There was one in Eynon, PA and another in Dunmore, PA. They sold the Looney Toons glasses with Pepsi Cola for about $1. We used to buy the soda at Carrol’s and go next door to the Burger King and buy the food because we really didn’t like the Carrol’s food. I didn’t know they switched to some Burger King because the BK was already there next to the Carrol’s. Thanks for the memories.

  28. Hey Bob… are you Bobby Maradian? I just talked to Ugly Dan last week… heard you are in N.H. now. We did have a lot of great times, I do remember Lynn Fells Parkway. I had a few races down there. There wasn’t too many people I didn’t race. I have been looking for Tut, I heard he’s in Florida someplace. I haven’t seen you since DiTucci’s 30th, that was a fun night. I wish we still had the cars, I almost bought a 67 Camaro last year just for the memories.

  29. I remember all the guys,Tut, Nutsy, Casavant, Peno, Maradian Bros., DiTucci, Holt Bros., Billy D, Joey T, Me, Caronis and a few others… going to the China Moon… hole shots in front of Carrols

  30. wow what a great site i was one of those guys that raced at the adventure car hop on rt 22 in springfield nj i had a 55 chev blue with a white top my buddy had a 53 ford with a caddy motor we both lived in springfield nj had a couple of friends one had a jeepster with a olds motor and another guy from jersey city with a gold and black 55 chev his name was doc. my girl friend was a carhop there also love to relive those days

    • Bob, now that you mention it, I do remember that. The bank is on the same lot as the Gas Station now, on the corner of Lake Street and Cambridge Street.

      • you got it! i lived a 1/2 mile away and was their 1st nite-time customer….loved the “cheesburger deluxe”,place was always packed…the old texaco was on the corner..p.s., it was “pond st” at that end, “lake on the woburn end.

    • I still live in Winchester and very well remember the Dairy Maid.
      Spent numerous summer evenings there sucking down sundaes and swatting away the mosqetoes.
      Cruised there in my fuelie 57 Belair hardtop, or my silver blue 58 Corvette,and later in my new 70 Ram Air GTO.
      My wife and I last ate there in the early 70’s, now we buy gasoline and groceries on that site.
      My buddies, my younger brother Doug, and I, also did the Big Burger Ranch in Cambridge, Wellington Circle Richards for night street racing, and Carolls in Stoneham.
      For my pals and I Wednesday nights were race night and Friday nights were date night.
      Kellys in Woburn was a favorite, now named Bill & Bobs.

      Bill & Bobs still hosts a cruise night every Wednesday night all year long although they gather indoors in the winter months.
      I never miss a Wednesday night there.

  31. The Adventure Car Hop on Rt. 22 in Union was one of the “Holy Grail” street racing spots for many years. I hung out there in 1965-66, had a black `58 Impala ragtop with a 348 tri-power motor. We used to block off Eastbound traffic from the U-turn at the Lido Diner, and the racers would quickly stage, and blast off in a cloud of rubber smoke. From the “Welcome To Union” sign near the Lido, to the entrance of Loft`s Candy Garden (in the center island) was exactly a quarter-mile.
    Walt`s Drive-In on St.George Ave. in Linden was another hot spot to look for runs, that was a very cool place as well. Route 1 & 9 in front of the Budweiser Brewery saw plenty of action, as did Route 21 in Newark, the starting line was right in front of the Dreamboat Lounge, running North towards Nutley.
    Sunoco 260 was 38 cents a gallon….Holy Crap ! 🙂

  32. Hello ..

    My very first job was at a Carrol’s Restaurant in Euclid, Ohio, a suburb just east of Cleveland. The year was 1972. the worst job was draining and cleaning the deep fat friers.

    I recall that my starting hourly wage was $1.35 . We were very impressed that the manager was pullin’ down big bucks : $2..00 per hour.

    thanks for the info on your site !!

    Matthew Johnson, M.D.
    Las Vegas, OH

    PS: My father was offered multiple Wendys franchises in the Cleveland area before Dave Thomas hit it big. Dad said, “hamburgers ??? No way. that business won’t amount to much at all. ” I remember eatting the original wendy’s hamburgers that were sold at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus. Absolutely KILLER BURGERS !!! This was circa 1970 to 1972

    • I started doing Richards at Wellington Circle on Wednesday nights,(that was official race night) and eventually almost every night in the mid 60’s thru the mid 70’s.
      Did a lot of “acceleration contests” out on route 28 and the Revere Beach Parkway.
      It was a sad day for me to see Richard demolished and become a hi rises and yuppie stores.
      I have a lot of close friends from Medford, Everett, Lynn and Revere that raced out of there.
      We still gather twice a week in Medford and at Bill & Bobs in Woburn. Car guys and gals are a tight knit, friends for life group.

  33. Any one remember a ‘T-bucket named ” Ice T” ? Used to frequent Adventure Car Hop & Dunks on Route 1 Saugus. I was about 14 or 15 at the time (late 1950’s). The car was a legend. Any info will be appreciated.


  34. Man, I miss those days. Richards Drive-in and Big Burger in Cambridge were my two hangouts. My Aunt was a waitress at Richards which made it difficult for me, ‘Do you tip your aunt, or not?’ Interesting how the Richards menu calls the meal tax, the Mass Old Age Tax. And look at those prices, damn.

    • Tony, even in the last 30 years of my documenting diners, I have come across the “Mass. Old Age Tax” every now and then either on menus or menu boards in places that have been around forever. They just never took it down or changed the wording.

  35. Does anyone remember a drive up on Rt. 7 in Latham, Ny? Had a “littleman” holding a chicken leg in one hand and a root beer in the other? Would have been in operation sometime late ’60s – 70’s.

    • Yes, although I never went to that one. There was another on Mystic Avenue in Medford at the Somerville town line. Also one in downtown Boston at the corner of Essex Street and Washington Street.

    • yes i do…lived in woburn and sis worked at IGA next door….when my dad picked her up we always stopped there for burger,shake and fries for under a buck

  36. what a wonderful site ,brings back all these wonderful memories my girl friend gloria and myself thought we were hot stuff cause she was a new driver and borrowed her big brother’s car and we were headed there our first time without parents or older siblings we were star stuck and gawking all around as she rear ended some one needless to say we were scared to death..drove right home and we had no idea how the front bumper got dented
    the next day when our parents her brother asked ,,,we still laugh about it

    • Hi Joanne, thanks for the compliment about this blog. Just one thing, which Drive-In restaurant are you talking about? The one you mentioned going with your girl friend Gloria.

  37. Hi,

    It’s really great to read all your rememberings of Carrols.

    We still have Carrols restaurants in Finland (since 1975). It came to the Finland same time when all of your Carrols restaurants were converted to Burger Kings.

    But sad news!!! I read the news yesterday and last 5 restaurants will be converted to Hesburger restaurants (Finnish fast-food chain)before summer. I have eaten Club Burgers 30 years (but not too much :-), so I have lots of memories related to Carrols restaurants.

    We still website of Carrols (Finland):

    Best regards

  38. Hi to all the Carrols of Stoneham guys!!

    Well, it has been long enough, anyone ready for a romp on 128??
    Nothing has changed, still building crazy street cars, only difference is with a lot more suds! Benny & i attended Jim’s 60th, drove down from NH in Benny’s original Chevelle. Paul I, I did cut that hood open & returned it to stock. Recently I was urged to create a Facebook account to document all of my past creations. I have pictures of 90% of all the hot rods that I drove to Carrols back in the day, even the big block VW. This process is slow, just a few pictures a day, having trouble with exact dates. Would like to hear from you guys, I am easily accessible, just Google my name.

    Peter Coronis

    • peter caronis….wow….steve jarvis here…always wondered what happened to ya….saw danny t a few mos ago and he told me about jims 60th….wished i had know…living in michigan but moving back to mass in a few mos…we did have a lot of good times…remember u and i in your dads truck rolling tires out the tailgate….lol…i heard ya watched videos of the new england dragway days…we had great times and some crazy nights…you alway built some great cars…i remember the vw and the t-buckets you built in your garage…. i also remember when ya dropped ur front end on the back of a ladies trunk and i think ur dad was with ya….talk soon

      • Peter, my cousin drops your name a lot. Vinny DiPaola mentions the funny times you guys spent working on your T.
        How’s the back wall of the garage?
        Vinny and a bunch of other Winchester, Medford, Everett, Saugus, Melrose, Lynn guys still gather weekly.
        We’re still marching along.

  39. Hi Steve, it’s been a long time!! Good to hear you are coming home. Yea, lots of good times back then. Have started posting old car pictures on FB, check em out. Hope to hear from you soon.

  40. Does anyone have post cards of Richard’s and Big Burger Car Hops for sale, or where I can purchase them. I grew up in Cambridge & frequented both places. Had a lot of laughs at both places and met some nice people.

  41. hubies was not owned by zorns it was owned by tom corval he was going to compete with macdona;ds but failed there were a couple of locations the number is in dispute but their was probably no more than 4 or 6 in total.

    • Actually, Hubies in Hauppauge and Carvel were owned by August Zorn. They were franchises. I worked in Hubues during 11th and 12th grade (1970 and 71). Great memories cooking fries and flipping burgers.

      • Yes – Hubie Burgers was owned by the Zorn Family – and they also owned Zorn’s in Rocky Point. I worked at Zorn’s for 3 and a half years. Bob Zorn;s father would have 2 big parties every year at Christmas and in the Summer for all employees at both places at his house. It was wonderful to work there as a teenager. Bob Zorn eventually turned it into a speed shop in Rocky Point. It was on 25-A and a lot of surfers coming back from the Hamptons would stop on their way house. In many ways – for a lot of years Zorn’s was the heart of Rocky Point.

      • Tom Carvel?? August Zorn?? I am a little late responding to 2013 comments about Hubies Hamburgers. I still would not be surprised if Carvel had a hand in the whole Hubies experiment. He lived only a couple of miles from the Chauncey/ Dobbs Ferry, NY location off the Saw Mill River Parkway that I have mentioned in past posts.

  42. Carrol’s in Stoneham opened around 1963. The 15 cent sign was there for hamburgers and great fries were 12 cents.
    Does anyone remember Jolly Jorges on Rte 1 south , near where the Honey Bake Ham store in Saugus. Bermuda Burgers were a favorite as were the great fries and onion rings.
    How about the great Donut Shop in Somerville, Johnsons on Mystic Ave.
    Or Marquis Donuts in Reading where the original Munchkins were called donut holes and given to all the kids who came in for free.Back then the dozen donuts was 69 cents.

    • Hi Alice, I remember the Richards Drive-In on Memorial Drive, but do not have any photos of it in my collection. There are photos out there on the internet.

  43. Does anyone remember a Carroll’s Hamburger place across the street from Christo’s Restaurant, in Brockton, Mass, back in the 60’s? Someone said it was across from the Brockton Hospital, but I remember it being on the corner to the entrance street of Massasoit College….I used to work there, correct me if I’m wrong…

    • Frank’s Italian Rest. was at 707 Center st, across from the hospital. I think you’re right about Carroll’s and there was another burger joint on Center st down near Hill st. Henry’s Drive-In was at 675 Crescent st, Papa Gino’s now. I’m trying to locate where Kemp’s was on No Main st. I’m pretty sure it was on the lot next to the Whiting and Reiker used car lot that is now the (closed) Salvation Army store, and my friend says that it was on a lot north of Fremont st (now Lebanon st) which is now the parking lot for St Theresa’s church. I have a 1964 phonebook and there’s no listing for Carroll’s.

  44. I have a yellow 55 with a Carrols Dragracers clun sticker on the back window, flip nose, has a 454 in it now, turbo 400, olds 9.3 with 4.88’s. Anyone know the car?

    • More info, its a 55 Chevy, Carrols Dragracers Club sticker on both sides of the back window. The car on the sticker is a 70-73 Camaro SS. The last inspection sticker is from 2004, and the plate read FAST 55. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

      • Steve, Does your 55 have a straight axle & aluminum firewall?

        There was only one 55 that belonged to Carrols Dragracers Club. Belonged to Peter M. — had a small block at the time.

      • It does have a straight axle, and aluminum firewall, but now is a big block car. Wish I could post a picture on this site….

    • Jim,  The guys that I hung with in the 60’s went to Richard’s on Memorial Drive in Cambridge.  However there was another one at the corners of Rindge Ave. and Alewife Pkwy in Camb. Do you know the name of this place.?  Also do you have any idea where I can get some postcards with pics of diners on them?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks,  John

      • John……..The Big Burger Ranch was the one on Alewife and Memorial. They offered a fabulous Fudgie Wudgie there, an ice-cream sundae with whipped cream and brownies in a tall glass.
        It was their trademark offering.
        I got into a big fight there once when I pushed some guys face into his Fudgie Wudgie. A lot of laughter and punches thrown that night but we became the best of friends later.

    • Ratty’s used to have the butterburgers, they would grind up the hamburger just when they were going to make the burger.
      It was a hobby store for some time and they built a track for the radio controlled cars behind the building, the cars were a blur they went so fast.
      It was a Harley Davidson dealer for some years after they closed and when they left it became a lawn mower repair center.
      I went there a short time ago to get some parts and you can still see where the stools were bolted to the floor.
      I think the hamburgers there were some of the best I ever had.

    • Ratty’s on rt 1 north attleboro. Used to go there every Friday night with my mom and dad. Also Friendly’s and Jolly Cholly’s and Rocky Point Park!! I’ve lived in Louisiana now for 30 years. I know North Attleboro has changed a lot since I grew up there..

  45. In Medford, Mass., do you folks remember Carolls Diner on Mystic Ave., near the fire station?
    Used to love lunch there on Sundays and would frequently stop for supper there late at night on the way home from work.
    The people there were the best.
    A sad day when Carolls closed.

    • Yep, I remember Carroll’s Diner on Main Street near Mystic Ave very well. Stopped there many nights after clubs closed in Charlestown, like the Blue Mirror.

  46. Everyone on this post seems to come mostly from MA. So, for you Rhode Islanders out there or those that passed through….Anyone remember when Richards Drive-In on Reservoir Ave. in Cranston changed over to Child’s Jr.? I’ve been on another post and only 2 out of many, many respondents who I asked this same question to, could remember. All but 2 replied with either Burger Chef, Carrols, Big Boy, etc. I could never figure out where they came up with the name…Child’s Jr. One guess is that there was a chain of restaurants called Childs. Maybe this was a way of someone to capitalize on the name by adding the “Jr.” due to the size difference….that it being a drive through vs. being a full service restaurant.

  47. where was Rattys Drive-in on Newport Ave. in Pawtucket? Someone said it’s the Old Corner Pub in the small shopping center, Friendly’s was next to it.

  48. Can’t believe no one mentioned Jerry Jingles, on Lynn Fells Pkwy, on the Melrose Stoneham line, was not as good as Adventure Car Hop or Carrol’s in Stoneham but was still pretty good back in the day!

    • Frank, I never considered Jerry Jingles to be in the same category as Drive-in restaurants. It was more of a sit-down place that also had an ice cream window. More of a family place than a fast-food place.

      • They did have sit down available and ice cream but everybody hung in the parking lot. Jerry Jingles probably closed earlier than Carrols and certainly Adventure Car Hop.

    • Yes. My parents would take me and my 9 brothers and sisters there for ice cream in the summer on our way to Lincoln Woods State Park. Ratty’s Drive-In was near the entrance to Lincoln Woods Park where we’d go for great family picnics and swimming in the summer during the 1960’s and 1970’s. This was also the site of an earlier landmark called Lincoln Woods Dairy where they sold milk and ice cream and they had a small 20-seat lunch counter.

  49. Wow this site brings back the American Graffiti days. I hung around Richard’s Drive-In back in the 60’s. Used to race on I-93 before they opened it from Medford to Stoneham. Revere Beach Parkway to Mister Donut. U.S. Rte. 1 to Adventure Car Hop. When Richard’s was closed, in the wee hours of the morning, we gathered in the Gooyear parking lot next door or Santoro’s parking lot across from the Medford Twin Drive-In Theater.

  50. can anyone help me find old images or an old menu from a famous restaurant that once was in Westhampton NY called Genes off of old Montauk highway

  51. Growing up in Linden, New Jersey, in the 1940s and 1950s, I ate often at Walt’s (located on St. George’s Avenue), which I thought had the world’s best hamburgers and good hotdogs, too. As an Oregonian for 47-years, I now live in a city many consider to be a food utopia, but I haven’t lost my affection for Walt’s.

      • Also worked in Massachusetts around 1963 as a chef at Richards Drive-Ins Wellington Circle Medford, and Memorial Drive Cambridge. Hung out frequently at Adventure Car Hop in Saugus with friends. Actually worked at the Big Burger on Everett Ave and Revere Beach Parkway. Lasso was torn down due to Rte 99 Circle construction. Guess I’m a Dinosaur now.

  52. Thank you for having this web site, but Geez guys, I don’t see anyone speaking of the Drive-Inn Restaurants in the west. At 14 I went to work as a car hop at a Triple-X Drive-Inn on old Hiway 5 between Seattle and Tacoma. The folks moved to Oakland, CA after my summer of 8pm to 4am shifts as also a soda jerk and car hop. Because of financial problems, I was forced to go to work at 16-1/2 and because of my experience got a job as a “Superior Rated Mixologist” (Soda Jerk) at Andy’s Drive-Inn at Telegraph and MacArthur (at the corner of the roads that lead to the Bay Bridge and to Berkeley). I went from Night manager to Day Manager and a short stint as superintendent of operations during a four year stint. I worked at this location as well as their Hayward and downtown Oakland locations. I was deemed one of the fastest soda-jerks at this Northern California largest Drive-Inn (could accommodate 100 cars on a busy Saturday nite) and we would have customers come in just to watch us twirl all manner of glass ware and condiments in preparing our ‘sweet favorites”. You could say that I grew up in the Drive-Inns. We had our own family and many happy memories are still in my 80-year old head., I never worked so hard in my life : -)

    • Skip, thanks for checking in on my blog, but the reason you did not see any drive-ins from out west is that I am based in the Boston area (Massachusetts). Larry Cultrera

  53. My Dad was owner of Rattey’s Lincoln Woods Creamery in RI. All my sibs and I worked there in the summers as cooks, waitresses, car-hops. My grandmother, mother and all my boyfriends had jobs there as well. An exciting time to be a teen and to be a carhop. I started at age 12 picking up trash from the big parking lot on Saturday and Sunday. Those were the big nites, teens coming in after dances or the drive in. Big Fish and Chip nite also for the large population of meat free Catholics.

    • I grew up in Lincoln back in the 1960’s and 1970’s and visited Rattey’s Ice Cream Car Hop many time as a kid with the whole family packed in the family station wagon. My family owned Maplehurst Farms dairy in Lincoln, but we unfortunately didn’t produce ice cream. We delivered milk and other products throughout the Blackstone Valley area until the Raymond Brothers sold the milk business to Bliss Bros. Dairy of Attleboro, MA. Sheila, please contact folks at the Blackstone Valley Historical Society since they love to gather history about places like Rattey’s Lincoln Woods Creamery.

  54. The Lasso Drive-in of Everett, MA was torn down to make way for the rotary on rte 99. The Burger King I worked at on Everett Ave in 1962 was a separate business.

  55. My father & his brothers owned the Lasso in Everett, Ma until the state took the land. They then purchased the Adventure in Saugus in 1960 or 1961. Worked both places but the most at the Adventure, for 7 years. My Uncle John advertised on WMEX with Arnie & they came up with Woo Woo Ginsburg. Reason being we started buy one and get on. But you had to say Woo Woo Ginsburg to get the free burger. Later they promoted free 45 rpm records about the time the Beatles came to the USA.

    Finally we closed the Adventure & sold the business to the Continental restaurant.

  56. The Adventure Car Hop I grew in was on Rt 22 Union New Jersey… At one time 9 of 14 Belviso brothers and sisters worked there in 1957 I was 10 years old and was the cook- my uncle Mario’s helper. I remember all the girls around the juke box with Elvis singing & boyfriends going nuts

  57. I worked at the Carrols in Stoneham Ma. during high school, from opening day in 1964, I believe. Flipped a lot of burgers, it was fun. When I wasn’t working there I hung out there, 24/7. Back ad forth from Carrols ,up Main street to DD or Hojos, all night long pm black & white ’55 Chevy!! Those were most certainly “The good old days.

    • I grew up in Melrose we hit Carrol’s many times also the Friendly’s in Melrose both north and south, route one, adventure car hop and many other places, Revere Beach Nahant all had places to cruise back in the 60s. … 64 Impala SS ragtop !!!

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