New York City’s Cheyenne Diner to close


The Cheyenne Diner on New York City’s West Side is reportedly closing this week. Originally one of the chain of Market Diners, it has been operating as the Cheyenne since around 1986. I first visited it on November 25, 1983 on the way to my first Long Island diner tour. I actually ate there in the late 80’s with John Baeder. I recall we walked quite a few blocks from the East Side towards the West Side because of late afternoon traffic, and then we caught a cab for the rest of the trip.


Here is a link to an AM New York piece on the diner’s closing.,0,6247791.story as well as a Daily Post article

One thought on “New York City’s Cheyenne Diner to close

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the shot.
    I first went to the Market Diner in 1963 when I worked for Cunard. As the youngest member of the 24hr port watches we stood, I was sent to fetch take -out soup for my mates.

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