Maine’s Farmington Diner moved 4.5 miles down the road

Moving day for the Farmington Diner finally arrived yesterday after quite a few delays. Now the developer can continue with the construction of the new Rite-Aid Pharmacy that is taking the place of the popular eatery.


Here is a link to a New England Cable News piece on the move..

Now the real work begins for new owner Rachel Jackson-Hodsdon who had the diner moved to property she owns in Wilton. This is just a temporary storage site as she has plans to find a new operating location to set it up. These tentative plans include the possibility of using and serving locally grown food, not unlike the Farmer’s Diner in Queechee, VT. As is usually the case in these situations, getting the diner back up and running may take some time and certainly a lot of money, but at least it has been saved from the wrecking ball and may in fact have a new life in the near future. I wish good luck to Ms. Jackson-Hodson and her plans for the Farmington Diner! (I hope her plans include removing that ugly roof covering the diner building).

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