Notes from the Hotline, March 17, 2008

Second visit to Blanchard’s 101 Diner for Breakfast

Steve Repucci and I got together and made the trip out to Worcester on Saturday morning for breakfast at Blanchard’s 101 Diner. We got a warm welcome from Chris and Matt who were relaxing, waiting for the morning’s customers to start showing up. It looks like things seemed to have smoothed out, and they are getting more and more comfortable running the diner.  The food as well as the service were excellent and the overall experience was pleasant, making us wish we lived closer to the diner so we could patronize it more often!

George Sanborn, dean of Massachusetts transit history dies at the age of 77

An old acquaintance of ours, George Sanborn, formerly of the Roslindale section of Boston passed away on Saturday. George I believe was a longtime member of the Society for Commercial Archeology (how I first learned of him) and a trustee of the Seashore Trolley Museum was the mainstay of  the state’s Transportation Library for nearly 4 decades. He knew virtually every bit of information including dates and other minutia of the history of Mass Transit in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He compiled a very detailed History of  the “T” which grew out of the nation’s first subway system. Back in the early 90’s Denise and I went into Boston and met with George. I was there for the express purpose of buying a copy of his history book. He was a very gracious host and even gave us free passes (which we used) to visit the Seashore Trolley Museum.
Condolences to all who knew George, he was truly one of a kind!