Main Street Station aka Fracher’s Diner has new owners


Main Street Station, a streamliner built by Worcester Lunch Car Co. located in Plymouth, NH has recently been sold by Trish and Bob Bourque to Steve Luce of Laconia. Originally known as Fracher’s Diner it is in fairly original condition inside and out. Back in the early 1980’s when I originally documented this diner it had a brick facade covering the porcellain steel panels as well as a wooden shake mansard hiding the monitor-style roof.

The Bourque’s are the ones credited with removing the brick to reveal the almost perfect panels underneath. They did not quite go all the way and remove the mansard, they just recovered it with green colored standing seam metal sheathing. Their reason for leaving the mansard is it hides all the hvac equipment and ducts that are on the roof. Anyway, here is a link to the Foster’s Democrat news article about the sale of the diner….

P.S. thanks to Glenn Wells for calling attention to this news, I would have seen it later myself but he got it before I did!