“Notes from the Hotline”, February 25th

Denise and I got to the Little Depot Diner on Railroad Avenue (behind the Courthouse) in downtown Peabody, Mass. on Saturday. This turned out to be a pleasant experience. Steve Repucci had visited there the day before and reported a short, positive review as well. I talked briefly with owner Jim Miles who was helping out and kibitzing with customers. His daughter Jen, a school teacher who was waitressing on her week off from school was very upbeat. The food was good as well as the service and reasonably priced. Jim told me they did some homework while getting the diner prepared for reopening and he had several “diner” books on hand including Gary Thomas’ “Diners of the Northshore”, Richard Gutman’s “Worcester Lunch Car Company” (both Images of America publications) and Randy Garbin’s “Diners of New England” book. Ironically, Bob Higgins emailed me later in the day on Saturday and reported we had just missed crossing paths again as he visited the Little Depot not too long after we were there.  Here is a link to the Salem Evening news article from last Wednesday about the diner… http://www.salemnews.com/punews/local_story_051230929.html?keyword=topstory

We went to Ernie’s Lunch in Melrose, Mass. Saturday afternoon and Pam (the owner) told me she heard that another diner in Peabody might be in jeopardy. The Foster Street Diner aka Driftwood II Diner formerly the Red Rambler Diner may be threatened by redevelopment. This is a late 1920’s vintage Worcester Lunch Car. The photo below shows it as it was within the last few years (and now).


I called Gary Thomas today and he said someone had emailed him a link to a diner for sale on Craigslist. He said it was advertised as being in Peabody. I checked it out and it looks like it is the one. The ad said it needed to be moved. Here is the link to Craigslist http://boston.craigslist.org/nos/bfs/579866393.html

The Farmington Diner is set to move down Route 2 to Wilton, Maine today. According to news reports the new owner paid $1.00 for the diner to help save it and is moving it to temporary storage with hopes to reopen it in the near future. Here are a couple of links to stories written in the last few days about this.. http://morningsentinel.mainetoday.com/news/local/4793880.html