Tomorrow’s Breakfast at Blanchard’s 101 Diner

I got a call from Chris Blanchard this past Monday night (Blanchard’s 101 Diner, Worcester, Mass.). He inquired about diner manufacturer “tags” and what they looked like, specifically Worcester Diner tags. I told him I had some examples of Worcester tags as well as some other manufacturers and I would scan a few. He is considering having a tag made for his diner but doesn’t know what to call it understandably.

His diner, as I previously mentioned on January 26th here, ( see New “old” Diner to open in Worcester, Mass.) was partially built by Fran Van Slett who started the Worcester Deluxe Diner Manufacturing Company in 1961 after the dissolution of the former Worcester Lunch Car Company. Van Slett was building the diner “on spec”, which is something no diner company usually did. They would only start building a diner if there was a paying customer waiting for one. Hence, this diner never got completed until Chris and his cousin Matt bought the basic plywood shell and brought it back to Worcester and completed its construction, (therefor, the confusion as what to put on the tag).

The Blanchard’s had a “soft opening” a couple of weeks ago and by all reports, things are going pretty well. In fact Randy Garbin (Roadsideonline) called me on Wednesday afternoon to report that what I told him was true and that he thought they did a wonderful job of completing and getting the diner up and running. He raved about the sausage, pepper and onion sandwich he had as well.

So tomorrow, I am planning on going to Blanchard’s 101 Diner for breakfast (between 7 and 7:30am). I am bringing a few items for Chris’ photo gallery (located in the hallway that goes to the rest rooms). I am so looking forward to enjoying the Italian breakfast which seems to be almost a staple at some diners in central Massachusetts (I’ve had it at Chet’s Diner, the Parkway Diner and the Central Diner). This usually consists of eggs, homefries and Italian sausage with red sauce.