A New Favorite Website for me

I was checking out links on Rich Kummerlowe’s Under the Orange Roof website (in my blogroll) which in itself is a great place to get into Howard Johnson’s info. I found many links that peaked my interest, but one stood out! It was a blog written by Dave Aldrich called Pleasant Family Shopping. It features info about various department store chains as well as super market chains we all grew up with. 

One thing that caught my eye was a period photo of the 2nd Stop & Shop supermarket (1957) to be built in my hometown of Medford, Mass. The 1st was built in 1948 on High Street in Medford Square and was part of the first generation of in-town small super markets, the ones that were a step up from the smaller grocery stores these evolved from (there actually was at least one of these smaller Stop & Shop stores in West Medford prior to 1948). This 2nd newer location was at the Fellsway near Wellington Circle which along with a newly built Zayre’s Department store became the anchors for the Fellsway Shopping Plaza, (Stop & Shop on the left and Zayre’s on the right). In fact I recall both stores being there in a large parking lot and no building connecting them for a short time. The developers then built a building that actually “bent” at an angle to connect the 2 large stores. Consumer Value Stores (now more commonly referred to as CVS) was one of the original tenants in the new shopping plaza.

Anyway, check it out, he currently has a photo I provided for him to use as a companion to the exterior B&W shot he has of the super market. It is of the old sign that was there until shortly after the chain moved to the larger Super Stop & Shop at the other end of the plaza. you can link here… http://pleasantfamilyshopping.blogspot.com/ or in my blogroll.