More Rosedale Diner news

Back on November 9th I posted the news that Bill Faulk the owner of the former Rosedale Diner of Pottstown, PA had passed away. Yesterday Matt Simmons (my Daryl Hall & John Oates fan connection) got a message from Cindy Faulk Baker’s sister Marla that her mother Nancy L. Faulk passed away suddenly yesterday morning. The Rosedale Diner is the one depicted on Daryl Hall and John Oates’ second album circa 1973 entitled “Abandoned Luncheonette” (and my header). I have been in touch with Matt now for a few months because of his own interest into the Abandoned Luncheonette story. 
As I mentioned a couple of months ago I hope to soon be updating the story I originally wrote for Roadside Magazine back in 1991, (this was under Roadside’s “Diner Hunting” column). With Matt’s input along with info, photos and other memorabilia from Susan Norman, Cindy Baker and Marla this new version will include more of the history of this diner and how it ended up on the record album cover, and my quest to find the diner back in 1982!

4 thoughts on “More Rosedale Diner news

  1. Dubi, I am aware of the “other” Rosedale Diner in Toronto. I have seen it on TV. But at those prices, the fact that it is not prefabricated (which I prefer) and they don’t serve breakfast, I’m not sure I would classify it as a “diner”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure its a great restaurant and I am not putting it down. It has a good rep as far as I know.

  2. Hi Larry,

    FYI, Daryl Hall has recently purchased an old house in Kittery, ME. Just past Frisbee’s Market (oldest family store in US…or something like that) on Rt 103 headed toward York.

    There are plans to restore it, so you may catch him around in the summer. I don’t see much activity there these days.


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