American Sign Museum interested in Brighton’s 1957 Dunkin Donuts sign

I emailed Tod Swormstedt of the American Sign Museum the other day. I mentioned about the Boston Sunday Globe article (I posted last week) on the subject of the possible upcoming trashing of the 1957 vintage Dunkin Donuts sign located in Brighton, Mass. Tod informed me he has been trying to negotiate with Dunkin Brands and the franchisee about the fate of the sign which is the last original sign from that period still in use. Unfortunately, so far neither party is responsive to the possible stay of execution for the ill-fated sign. I believe Tod will continue to work on finding a way to save this sign along with Arthur Krim & Dave Waller. Check out the American Sign Museum’s website at , it is located at 2515 Essex Place Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 (513) 258-4020