Dean’s Diner, a western PA landmark is for sale

I have been a little lazy over the long weekend and have not posted anything. This is some news I got from various sources including Brian Butko and my Google News Alerts (on diners). It was reported the other day that Dean’s Diner of Blairsville, PA, a western Pennsylvania landmark was being put on the market. Apparently run by a 3rd generation now, who have attempted to run it while living and working at other jobs in other states have decided that the diner needs the attention and devotion to tradition from new ownership. Here is a link to the Pittsburg Post-Gazzette article. 

The image below is from my postcard collection which shows this 1953 vintage Fodero diner located on Rte. 22 with a factory add-on diningroom on the left. This addition was grafted to the diner a few years after it was on-site. It was eventually replaced by an even bigger built-on-site diningroom later.


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