John Baeder in the news

My good pal John Baeder was in the news in the last couple of days. For those who haven’t clicked on the link to his website (in my blogroll) and are not familiar with him, John is the premier painter of diners. His artistry is almost unequalled. His style is based on the photorealist school but actually goes beyond. His paintings of diners and other subjects are representational showing the subject in context with its surroundings. The paintings start out from 35mm slides which are projected onto the canvas so he can pencil in a fine outline of the image. From this basis John’s mastery of painting comes to bear and the outcome looks very photographic but is pure painting. The details in his paintings such as shadows, and reflections in windows, to clouds in the sky and gravel on the ground are beyond compare. I have always considered him my mentor in the way I document a diner on film and I am proud to say John has done a few paintings from photos I have shot. You can actually see a couple of them on his website, Gallery #3 shows a Hot Dog truck on Long Island that I shot (Upper left, 1st painting in the gallery) and also in Gallery #5, the nighttime shot of the Olympia Diner (my very first attempt at time exposure). Here is my picture from 1981


 Here is the link to a Metro Spirit article that came out 2 days ago.