Cool YouTube video of Ice Cream stand turned diner in Ohio

Brian Butko passed along a cool link to some video of Kremeland, an Ice Cream stand turned 63-seat diner. This place is in Navarre, Ohio ( just south of the Lincoln Highway, not actually on it) where it goes through Masillon, Ohio.

This looks like it started out as a Tastee Freez stand from old photos on their website prior to the rebuilding. The new building itself is truly interesting. Here is their website

One thought on “Cool YouTube video of Ice Cream stand turned diner in Ohio

  1. That was a SWEET old Tastee Freez stand – why, oh why did they demolish it? Cosmetically, all it needed was a classic rooftop sign with the cone tilted toward the road. I understand from watching the video that they had problems meeting codes, but (as I said in my own group regarding the Prospect Mountain Diner) if code requirements are too tough, history will be lost.

    I don’t like their new place. The roof looks too much like a badly proportioned quonset hut.

    Meanwhile, when Spring gets here, visit this gem on Delaware Avenue in Delmar (take Route 443 out of Albany):

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