The Diner, a U.S. Route 40 mainstay in Indiana set to close

I just read an article from the website by Bruce C. Smith stating that a 1950’s Mountain View Diner known simply as THE DINER is set to close at the end of this week. Originally called the Oasis Diner, it was part of a motel/diner complex located in Plainfield directly on Rte. 40. It was run for the last 20 years by Ray Piercy, who sites his age and health plus competition from nearby chain restaurants the main reasons for putting both the diner and motel up for sale. Here is an old postcard from my collection depicting both the Rte. 40 Motel and Oasis Diner.

Oasis, Rte. 40

Here is an interior shot with many thanks to Brian Butko….

Interior of THE DINER

9 thoughts on “The Diner, a U.S. Route 40 mainstay in Indiana set to close

  1. Mandy,
    Thanks for checking out the Diner Hotline blog! This photo was shot by my friend and colleague, Brian Butko of the Pittsburgh, PA area. He has the Lincoln Highway blog (check my blogroll).

  2. Hey, just want everyone to know “The Diner” Has reopened. It is being leased, and alot of the same workers are working back there again. Tim Brooks is the manager and Main cook. He does a great job and alot is the same but alot of impovements have been made too. They now have dinner specials. Go on in and see for yourself the food is great.

  3. I’m really glad that the Diner has reopened. I was sad when it first closed down. Good luck to Tim and ALL employees. Have a great day!

  4. The Diner has gone through yet another change and is under new management again. We have expanded our menu and now offer Senior Citizen discounts every Tuesday, have daily specials and a Kid’s Menu. The Diner is one of the last original Diner’s left in the Indianapolis area and it is our goal to keep this historic 50’s Diner up and running for long time. Come and check us out the tenderloins are out of this world.

  5. Thanks Rusty! From your comment I take it you are the current operator. Are you the one who took it over earlier this year or are you an even newer operator?

  6. I am an even newer operator (July), actually I am the Manager, jill of all trades and hopefully the new owner down the road. I have worked on and off with Mandy, Brenda and the others mentioned above for about 15 years. We are slowly getting back on our feet and with the new menu and daily specials we are hopeful the Diner will give some competition to the local establishments. By the way I hope you don’t mind if I use the above picture for a table top brochure I am doing on the history of Diners and especially our Diner.

  7. can someone please tell me the actual address of the diner? I’ve been trying so hard to find it and keep getting wrong ones.

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