The Diner, a U.S. Route 40 mainstay in Indiana set to close

I just read an article from the website by Bruce C. Smith stating that a 1950’s Mountain View Diner known simply as THE DINER is set to close at the end of this week. Originally called the Oasis Diner, it was part of a motel/diner complex located in Plainfield directly on Rte. 40. It was run for the last 20 years by Ray Piercy, who sites his age and health plus competition from nearby chain restaurants the main reasons for putting both the diner and motel up for sale. Here is an old postcard from my collection depicting both the Rte. 40 Motel and Oasis Diner.

Oasis, Rte. 40

Here is an interior shot with many thanks to Brian Butko….

Interior of THE DINER