Gary Zemola hopes to reopen the DeCoven Diner in CT

Our old friend Gary Zemola, owner of the Super Duper Weenie Restaurant in Fairfield, CT bought the former DeCoven Diner last operated in Duncannon, PA (near Harrisburg) a couple of years ago. He has been slowly cleaning up and readying this stainless steel beauty for a new life in his hometown. It has been in storage in Monroe, CT since its move and Gary is almost ready to relocate it to some land behind his dad’s lighting store just off U.S. Rte. 1. This has been a dream of his for close to 20 years.

He actually bought another diner, the former Gina’s Diner from Meriden, CT a while back but never could get all the pieces to fall into place, (money & time to restore, etc.) and he ended up selling it to another buyer, it is now George & Sally’s Blue Moon Diner at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI.


He saw the DeCoven on ebay and was able to swing the deal but as I recall there was probably some red tape he had to get through to get it moved into the state of Connecticut. The Decoven was originally across the Susquahanna River in Harrisburg, its original name was the Harrisburg East Diner prior to relocating to Duncannon.

Gary has brought his proposal to the Zoning Board of Appeals because of some parking issues and it also would need approval from the Town Plan and Zoning Commission. He hopes to have the diner opened next year dba Zemo’s Diner.

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