Diners threatened by development

The Farmington Diner in Farmington, Maine is sort of in limbo these days as Rite Aid is slated to take the property the diner is sitting on along with 2 adjacent parcels for a new pharmacy that would replace a nearby smaller Rite Aid located in a strip-mall. The diner remains open but the owner wants to sell the diner and get it moved hopefully to live again in another location. His plans are on hold as there seems to be a delay with the pharmacy chain’s plans. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

Another diner, this one in New Rochelle, NY is also going to become history. The Thruway Diner, a large DeRaffele diner just off Interstate 95 is going to be torn down and replaced by a Wallgeeens. It seems that older diners are not the only ones to be threatened by development. This diner dates to 1990 when it replaced an older diner that had been there since possibly 1960, (that diner was a space-age DeRaffele with a folded-plate roof). There has been a large outcry from the local population about this and some people have started a Facebook.com page called “Save the Thruway Diner” which I have not found. Maybe someone else can find that link as I am unfamiliar with Facebook. From what I read, one of the owners was going to try to back out of the deal but had already signed the contract and now she has to honor it. It currently looks like more and more diners are disappearing for large big-box pharmacys.

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