Former owner of the Rosedale Diner passes away

I received an email yesterday from Susan Norman. She is best friends with Cindy Faulk Baker. Cindy is the daughter of Bill & Nancy Faulk who were the owners of the Rosedale Diner of Pottstown, PA (see the mention of this diner below, it is the one in my header). As I said below this is the diner depicted on Daryl Hall and John Oates’ second album circa 1973 entitled “Abandoned Luncheonette”. Susan contacted me to let me know that Bill passed away on Tuesday and his wake and funeral were being held today in Pottstown.

I will be writing a story soon that will update the one I wrote for Roadside Magazine back in 1991 on the history of this diner and how it ended up on this record album cover, and of course my quest to find it!

One thought on “Former owner of the Rosedale Diner passes away

  1. What an odd coincidence, just as interest in the diner was rising again. At least you’ve preserved some of the memories and a photo of the place itself. But what a sad photo it is! Not the quality, mind you! I mean all the weeds and the sagging entrance. How many thousands must have enjoyed meals there, or met friends and family. Diners should never end this way!

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